Top 5 traits recruiters are looking for in candidates

In every recruitment exercise, hiring managers are always on the lookout for exceptional candidates that not only meet their requirements but stand out from the bunch.

Being unique in today’s competitive talent market goes beyond having an impressive resume with a long history of professional experience and accomplishments. There are still quite a number of traits that many candidates overlook while searching or interviewing for a new job.

So, whether you’re applying for an IT role, administration or business development role, these traits might just be all you need to give yourself an edge over other candidates.

In no particular order, here are some of the top traits recruiters are constantly looking for while screening candidates.

1. Punctuality

Being punctual is a character trait that many recruiters are very keen on. Arriving for an interview on time and showing promptness throughout the hiring process shows you have for the interviewer’s time.

While there are always instances where you are unavoidably late, it is necessary to effectively communicate this promptly. Punctuality is immense in building a positive image towards your prospective employer. From phone calls to virtual or in-person interviews, it is important to leave a good impression on the hiring manager by being punctual.

2. Professionalism

Maintaining a professional outlook during your communication with a recruiter is non-negotiable. A lot of candidates make the mistake of becoming overly informal with a hiring manager and this can mar your chances of landing the job.

From the very first communication with the recruiter, always ensure that you approach everything in a professional and engaging manner. This builds confidence in your prospective employer and in your ability to display professionalism during the course of your work.

3. Effective Communication

In the IT industry, for instance, being able to effectively communicate your skills and experiences is very important. This helps the recruiter know whether or not you’re a good fit for their organization and how well you can work with a team.

Most roles today, typically require the candidate to have great communication skills, whether verbally or written. Expressing your skills and experience through effective communication is essential in swaying the recruiter in your favour and ranking you as a top candidate.

4. Problem Solver

Every hiring manager is always on the lookout for individuals for are effective problem solvers. Being able to identify problems and tackle them as they arise while performing certain tasks, is an invaluable skill that recruiters are constantly looking out for.

A problem solver is no doubt a valuable addition to any team, therefore, it is necessary to show the hiring manager how well you perform when faced with difficult situations. Most times, being a problem solver goes beyond just tackling issues faced while carrying out your responsibilities, it extends to making valuable suggestions to the company as they resolve corporate issues.

5. Passion

Showing passion for your work and the organization you represent is another trait that recruiters are always keen on. Being able to speak and act confidently about the product or service you provide is a great skill that helps in promoting the organization and attracting new prospects.

Candidates who not only show in-depth knowledge of the advertised role but an immense passion that goes beyond financial rewards stand a better chance at landing the job. Keeping a passionate employee motivated is a lot easier and for this, recruiters have a preference for such candidates.

Rather than focusing on only your technical skills while preparing for an interview, it is important to build up and exhibit these traits for you to stand a better chance at impressing the hiring manager.