Custom Software Development 80% faster 40% savings in support

Need a tech vendor to fulfill your tech growth? We help government health agencies to build mature digital products. We have over 200 projects completed and 15+million users globally access our applications.

High Quality Design Practices and Imaginative Creativity to bring your ideas to life

Like most software development agencies, we provide custom software development and support, but we have two core competencies that provide most value to our customer.  1. High quality design practice for high quality applications. 2. Creativity to solve problems in elegant ways that reduce cost and improve performance.

Custom Software Development

We help businesses build a cloud-smart strategy with our deep experience in cloud, from applications to networks and security.

API Development

We specialize in API development that allows application entities to talk and exchange information. This increases application value and adds values to all application shareholders.

Dev Ops and Automation

We automate the processes between development and IT, to build, test and release software faster and more reliably.

Modernization Services

We build tailored service management roadmaps to harmonize your tech operations and business objectives.

Data Processing and Cloud Services

From engineering design & project management to construction & integration, we’ll help you expand your cloud capabilities to power and protect the next-generation tech.

Enterprise Application

Focus on strategic business initiatives that matter the most as we help deploy, optimize and support all your enterprise apps.

We are constantly recruiting the best technical talents globally

Our expert talent team ensures we source and onboard the right technical talent at the right time. Our tech recruitment service is built on a robust competency framework to fit your technical and cultural needs and match you with engineers who are passionate about your company.

Your Project, Our Talent.

We know that effective engineering teams require more than code junkies to be successful. BetaQuick engineers are full-time technologists who engage proactively with your team, manage stakeholders effectively, and excel at communication. We provide engineers with everything they need to develop digital solutions—fast and securely.

Why Choose Us?

We leverage on our experience in providing the right skillset to engage with users in new ways, integrate innovative technologies to increase operational efficiency, or reinvent your business with a carefully planned roadmap.









We’re competent with

100+ of the world’s most reliable programming languages

Whatever your industry, you'll be in good hands.

Our engineers adopt your workflows and processes, down to your most preferred communication platforms like Slack, Microsoft teams, and more. With BetaQuick, we identify opportunities and develop the custom software or application that will help you grow into a digital leadership position.

Financial Services

The financial services landscape is consistently disrupted with innovative technology and strategic opportunities. We’ll help you achieve your destination without recalculating. Whether that’s designing a seamless customer experience, improving security or expanding market share. We partner with you to navigate the unknown and fly over speed bumps: partners on the road to powerful results.


Wireless carrier networks need to be faster, more agile and—above all—studded with next-gen functionality. Momentum is the name of the game to scale in this fast-paced market and the key to access customer wallet share. Technology never sleeps. The achievement of next-generation 4G LTE and 5G networks is the enabler. You need to keep up and generate new revenue streams by defining and executing first-class strategies that drive content-rich—and personalized—experiences. It’s time to own the future and edge ahead.

Healthcare Services

Expectations are high, opportunity is exponential. The seismic shift from volume- to value-based care is driving business demand to find technological solutions, from interoperability to AI, to address the changing healthcare landscape. We’ll help you achieve your business outcomes successfully through a flexible, focused approach to improving quality, value and efficiency. Whether that’s designing a secure, smooth customer experience or reaching underserved populations, we’re the experienced partner you need.


We partner with public sector agencies and integrators working to elevate strategic operations and fast-track critical IT projects. Embracing our experience within the government landscape, we’ll be a strategic partner, locking arms with you to get the job done. Your priorities are embedded in our every move to effect change and implement real solutions—securely and on time.

We are helping businesses disrupt, accelerate and scale faster.

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One of the best benefits of case study testimonials is that it provides a potential lead with a complete customer story. This is great for B2B companies

Ethan J.Cooper

Managing Partner,

sassico testimonial image

One of the best benefits of case study testimonials is that it provides a potential lead with a complete customer story. This is great for B2B companies

Jane Doe

Managing Partner,

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